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Sock Ruler

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The Sock Ruler® (patent pending), is constructed of a heavy duty, yet flexible plastic; an innovative measuring tool for sock knitters that goes inside of the sock, allowing it to lie flat and ensure accurate measurements (both metric and imperial). Easy to use, no tape measure blues! Made in the USA


A Message from the Sock Ruler Creator

There has been the occasional misconception that The Sock Ruler® equates to the foot's actual length, which it does not. It was not designed to measure the length of a person's foot, although it is helpful to have that information when you knit a sock. Some people have asked me about knitting for a man who wears a size 14 shoe, for example. That man's foot length is probably 12".  The toe decrease would typically begin two inches before the end of the sock. For a 12" foot that toe decrease would start at 10" which is the length of the ruler. After you start the toe decrease you no longer need to use The Sock Ruler®. Please refer to the Shoe Size Conversion Chart should you need help determining the length of the foot of the sock.

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