Collection: John Arbon - Devonia Tops

50% Exmoor Blueface / 30% West Country Bluefaced Leicester / 20% West Country Lustre Breeds

Soft Handle

28 Micron

Demi Lustre

From John Arbon Textiles - UK

"For Devonia we chose a beautiful blend of Exmoor Blueface, Bluefaced Leicester and Lustre breeds. The Exmoor Blueface is our local sheep and brings its wonderful springy nature, the Bluefaced Leicester lends its outstandingly soft handle and lustre to the yarn, whilst the lustre breeds (a combo of Wensleydale and Romney) add their qualities of beautiful golden sheen and fine drape.

Together they create a wonderfully drapey lustrous blend, with just a dash of woolly bounce. Whether you’re spinning your own, or working with our Mill spun, its a go-to fibre for any time you want a little swing, like shawls and drapey cardis."