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Pattern by Helen Stewart - Curious Handmade
Inspired by the lush textures of the natural world, the Rainforest Canopy Shawl was designed for the O’Reilly’s yarn retreat, held in Lamington National Park in Australia. Quiet stripes of stockinette or garter stitch alternate with sections of dappled lace for a romantic but understated accessory. This shawl is ideal social knitting: relaxing, simple, and easy to pick up between bursts of conversation.
Choose from two sizes and shapes: a single skein shawlette, or a generous 2 skein shawl in the triangular version or a rectangle scarf; and between stockinette or garter stitch for the background in any of the versions.
Finished measurements after blocking:
127cm (50”) across top edge
97cm (38”) across cast off end
147cm (58”) across top edge
127cm (50”) across cast off end
20cm (8”) wide
185cm (73”) long
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    Rainforest Canopy Shawl by Helen Stewart - Natural Fibre Arts
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