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Banshee Merlin Singles - Natural Fibre Arts

Banshee Merlin Singles

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Normally this yarn base would be 90% Superwash Merino 10 % Linen blended single however, the mill has contacted us to let us know that there was a mix up and they have used 45% NON superwash Merino 45% superwash Merino and 10% Linen

We have ordered two separate shipments and there is no 100% guaranteed way to tell them apart therefore we will be labeling them all as the 45/45/10 with the non superwash in it even though some might be 90% superwash.

We always recommend that you hand wash any of our hand dyed yarns anyway but just to be safe we thought this was the best thing to do to avoid any mistakes.

Those we can idenfity clearly as having the non superwash component we will cake and the other we will leave as a hank but they have all been dyed together in the same dyelots and will be sold as they come off the shelf. Of course we will do our best to match superwash with superwash etc but there are no guarantees.


A fingering weight single ply of Australian superwash Merino and Linen blend.

The Merino is soft and has the lovely warmth and memory that you expect from a merino wool and the linen gives a natural rustic look to the yarn and resists the dye so you can see the little highlights peeking through.

A beautiful yarn for garments for a transitioning wardrobe from the cool to warmer seasons.

Care - We recommend that all our hand dyed yarns are hand washed in cool or tepid water and dried flat for best care.


Hand-dyed in small batches in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, Australia. We try to represent colourways as accurately as possible in our product photos. Colours may vary slightly from skein to skein, even within the same dyelot, which is the nature of hand-dyeing. If you buy more than one, we will do our best to match them up. Please ensure you buy enough to finish your project as future dyelots may have subtle differences. We also recommend that you alternate between skeins every few rows on larger projects.