Bonsai Vegan Blend - Natural Fibre Arts
Bonsai Vegan Blend - Natural Fibre Arts

Bonsai Vegan Blend

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A beautiful fingering weight bamboo and linen blend yarn. It has a cool and slightly crisp feel that you expect from linen but is still soft, has a light lustre and has lovely drape. Perfect for Summer and Spring tops and garments.

This yarn will continue to soften and age beautifully both while working up into your project and with wear and washing.

Hand wash and rinse in cool water.

We rinse all our yarns until clear however with changes in laundry detergents and pH of water there could be light run off for the first few washes.

If using multiple colours in one project it is advised not to put a dark saturated colour next to a very light colour in case any dye bleeds.

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