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ChiaoGoo Cable End Stoppers

ChiaoGoo Cable End Stoppers

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ChiaoGoo Cable End Stoppers.

ChiaoGoo Australia authorised sellers of genuine ChiaoGoo needles in Australia. We ship locally and internationally.

These cable end stoppers are brilliant, screw in ends to stop your stitches from falling off your cables if you have had to pinch the needles you are using for another project. 

They are also really handy if you like to use a ChiaoGoo cable to hold your 'resting' stitches while knitting on another piece. For example. If you are knitting a sweater in the round bottom up, when you come to separate for the arms, you can put the back stitches onto a spare cable using these end stoppers to prevent your stitches falling off, while you knit on the front of the sweater on a separate cable. Genius!

They come in a packet of 2 pieces.

Black, white or red rectangular-shaped resin pieces screw into your cable ends to hold a current project while using the tips for another project.

  • Red end stoppers fit onto all MINI TWIST cables.
  • White 'Small' end stoppers fit onto all [S] coded cables.
  • Black 'Large' end stoppers fit onto all [L] coded cables.