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Shetland, BFL & Alpaca - Sock Culture CLOSED

Shetland, BFL & Alpaca - Sock Culture CLOSED

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We have now closed this listing so we can order and dye the yarn.

The next Sock Culture yarn will be released in a couple of months once all the advent calendar dyeing and packing etc is completed.

PLEASE NOTE any items ordered with the Sock Culture club will be posted at the same time which will be in approximately 4 weeks. (approximately the end of August)

Shetland, Blue Faced Leicester and Alpaca blend is the next yarn in our Sock Culture.

We are excited for you to join us in exploring different breeds of sheep and their wool through this exclusive sock club. The yarns we source are identified as 'sock yarns' either due to their hardiness, long staple length or added nylon by the mills we source them from. Not all yarn needs nylon to be a sturdy sock yarn. They may not all be buttery soft but they are all soft enough for comfort on your feet.

We are now taking pre-orders of this sock yarn sourced from the UK and hand dyed by us in our Brisbane based dye studio.

Breed: 40% Shetland, 40% Blue Faced Leicester and 20% Grey Alpaca
Yarn: 100 grams = 350 metres
Needle Size: 3.25 - 3.75mm
WPI: 18-24

Colourway: Please select from the drop down menu and see details below.


The Shetland sheep wool adds strength to the yarn for great wearing socks, the Blue Faced Leicester adds bulk for comfort and the Aplaca adds softness.

Join us for an adventure into sock knitting with various yarn fibres.

We have sourced some lovely sock yarns and will release one from time to time as a pre-order.  Once orders close we will then order the yarn from the mill.

The colours will be a blended tonal, not solid but not highly variegated.