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Knitting Row Counter - Dark Green with green leaf charm

Knitting Row Counter - Dark Green with green leaf charm

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Beaded knitting row counter.

To Use:

  • Slip the ring next to the numbered bead onto your knitting needle eg: Row 1 = bead #1
  • Then you swap to the ring next to bead #2 and so on.
  • Once you get to larger numbers you can place two rings onto your needles in most cases. eg: 3 & 7 for row 37.
  • Included is also a removable marker. This can be used to identify the front or back of your work, great when the pattern is reversible, or to mark the edge of your work at a specific row. It can also be used to mark off 10's on the row counter so you can place the removable marker through the #4 ring for 40 and then continue placing the other rings onto your needle each row as above. eg: removable marker is in #4 and needle is in the ring beside #8 for 48.
  • The removable marker is also excellent for holding onto a dropped stitch while you work to fix it.

Will fit up to a 8mm knitting needle.