Sample Kits Greener Shades Dyes
Sample Kits Greener Shades Dyes
Sample Kits Greener Shades Dyes
Sample Kits Greener Shades Dyes

Sample Kits Greener Shades Dyes

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Greener Shades Dye Sample Kit

We are an authorised distributor of Greener Shades Dyes in Australia.

Please note the yarn and fibre in these photos is not included in the dye kit but can be purchased under the 'Dye Your Own' tab in this shop or by clicking on the link provided.

Greener shades dyes will dye animal fibres, protein fibres including wool, silk, fur, cashmere and also nylon.

They are an acid dye and therefore need an acid like citric acid or vinegar, and heat to set the dye. More information can be found via the links at the bottom of this description.

Included in this kit:

You will need

  • White vinegar or citric acid (preferred)
  • Rubber gloves
  • Dyeing pot and other utensils (tongs, plastic teaspoon etc) not used for preparing food.
  • Heat source (stove top, camp stove, microwave)

You can mix the dyes together to create all manner of colours, use less dye for pastels, add a little black to dull or sadden the colours or create speckles by lightly speckling the dry powder over your yarn of fibre.

The colour samples in the photos are dyed to 1% depth of shade. This means mixing 1 gram of dye powder to dye 100 grams of fibre or yarn which makes this sample kit perfect for the home dyer.

Colours included in the Greener Shades Range are

  • Ruby Red
  • Flame Red
  • Amazon Green
  • River Blue
  • Sunrise Yellow
  • Sunset Orange
  • Amythest Purple
  • Coral Reef Aqua
  • Midnight Black

For more information on these dyes please see to the Greener Shades website here: