Collection: SRS Merino 4 Ply

The Yarn

100% SRS (Soft Rolled Skin) Merino Wool.

4 Ply (fingering weight) 340m per 100 gram skein.

This yarn is so deliciously soft with a light sheen and smoothness that you almost won't believe it is a non superwash yarn. It is just delightful to knit and crochet and also to wear, even right next to your skin. The sheep are clipped at 100mm rather than 60mm which keeps the staple long to give the smooth look and feel, reduces pilling and reduces felting. It really is a premium quality product that we are happy to introduce to our customers.

The Producer

"At Kirchelly Textiles, we are dedicated to providing high-quality yarns made from ethically treated animal products. All of our yarns are Non-Mulesed Our commitment to sustainability and ethical practices sets us apart in the crafting industry.

Kirchelly Textiles is committed to ethical, non-mulesed and sustainable practices for producing our woollen products. We like to call our little process “Sheep to Skein”.

"We source our animal products from ethically managed farms and suppliers who prioritize animal welfare and sustainable practices"

"We have 2,000 head of SRS-Merino under management by Mt. Bodangora Merino Farm in Wellington, NSW that we have negotiated direct contracts with. Mt. Bodangora specialises in SRS-Merino (Soft Rolled Skin), which has been specifically developed to not require mulesing to prevent fly blow." The yarn is processed in New Zealand.