Collection: Spinning Fibre

Our Fibre Collection

Our Fibre collection is from various local Australian famers or sourced from small British woollen mills that ensure their fibres are local British bred flocks and follow sustainability practices.


John Arbon Textiles Mill are a small family-run business, based in North Devon, and one of only a handful of worsted fibre processing plants still operating in the UK.

We love their spinning fibre and yarns and we are so excited to be the first to offer their fibre tops for sale in Australia.

They produce a wide range of luxury yarn and tops in the UK from local British breeds such as Romney, Exmoor Blueface, Devon Closewool and other west country lustre breeds and other sustainably sourced fibres.

Their production concept is simple – a return to the old style of textile manufacture, sourcing raw fibre locally and converting it into high quality hand knit yarns and tops for hand spinning.

Take a Mill Tour here and learn more about their processes and the gorgeous vintage milling machinery used.

Colours and bases are limited for trial and we will be adding more in due course.