Handy Techniques & Resources

Here you will find a constantly growing list of links to knitting, crocheting and spinning techniques or other resources we have found useful and handy to have all in one place.



Knitting Needle size conversion chart (downloadable) - Love Crafts

Crochet terms US & UK - Love Crafts


Stitch Dictionary - Knitting

Library of Knitting Stitches Online (includes instructions and videos)

Knitting Bee (includes instructions on 216 patterns with photos)

Knitting Fool (stitch patterns by stitch count, photo or alphabetical name)


Stitch Dictionary - Crochet

All Free Crochet (includes photos and instructions along with pattern suggestions)

Raven Crochet (instructions with detailed photos)

Crochet Concupiscence (instructions for easy through to advanced)

Crochet Stitch Guide (videos)

Crochet Abbreviations Master Guide (US)


Knitting Technique Videos

Clever Tips

Cable without a cable needle (Video)

Swatching 101

Swatching step by step guide

Swatching for 'in the round' knits (Video)

Adding beads to your knitting as you go (step by step pictures)


Casting On

Easy cable cast on - Beginners (Video)

Super Stretchy cast on - German Twisted (Video)

Tubular cast on (2 x 2 rib) (Video)

Long Tail cast on (instructions with pictures or video)

Long Tail cast on without estimating yarn length (Video)


Binding Off

Easy bind off - beginners (Video)

Simple stretchy bind off  (Video)

3 Needle Bind off (Video)



Comparing SSK (slip, slip, knit - left leaning decrease) versions (Video)

Comparing K2tog (knit 2 together - right leaning decrease) (Video)



Basic Lifted Increases (Video)

KFB - knit front and back (Video)

M1R & M1L - Make one right and Make one left (Video)

Yarn Over - knitwise and purlwise (Video)


Finishing Techniques

Kitchener Stitch (Video)

Mattress Stitch (Video)

Seaming garter stitch (Video)

Weaving in your ends (variety of techniques) 


Crochet Technique Videos

Magic Circle (Video)

Granny Squares for Beginners - Free ebook download patterns by Shelley Husband

Finishing your crochet in the round. 3 techniques by Joy from Crochet Road

Weaving in your ends (photos)

Blocking your finished project (photos)

Crochet Gauge