About us

A little bit about us...

Natural Fibre Arts in an online fibre craft store located in Brisbane, Queensland Australia, where the weather really is 'Beautiful one day, perfect the next'.  We are truly blessed to be able to live in such a gorgeous part of the world. Although our area is considered sub-tropical we do have a short Winter where lovely woolly sweaters are able to be worn and our Autumn and Spring evenings are cool enough for light sweaters, cardigans and gorgeous shawls. Hand knit socks are also popular items for our area. Despite not living in a Winter wonderland we still cater for climates worldwide using gorgeous and sustainable Australian wool and other fibres from traceable sources.

It is very important to us to support our Australian farmers and the Australian wool industry as much as we can so most of our yarn bases use Aussie farmed Merino wool however there are a few that use South American wool where they are blended with another fibre such as Yak.

We buy our yarns from mills who in turn use ethical practices to source the fibre from farms where animal welfare standards are high and the fibre is fully traceable and sustainable. The Australian Merino wool is from sheep that have not been mulesed.  The wool fibre complies with the Australian wool industry administered National Wool Declaration Scheme.


Meet The Makers



Cheryl is the owner and head dyer at Natural Fibre Arts. When you send in an email or call us by phone, she is the person who will answer your questions, help you with colour choices and any other questions you may have.



Cheryl has been a knitter and crocheter since she was about 8 years old, taught by both her mother and grandmother. She has also been hand dyeing yarn and fibre since 2008 originally using natural dyes and later moving into our preferred method using the Greener Shades Dyes which are organically certified and contain no harsh chemicals.



In 2012 Vanessa, Cheryl's daughter, joined Natural Fibre Arts as a dyer. She has a wonderful creative flare for gorgeous colour combinations and a passion to develop new colourways.




As a busy mum of two gorgeous boys she has limited time to knit but manages to create a sock or two here and there. She would much rather spend her time creating new colour collections whenever she gets the chance.

In addition to yarn, we also have a range of our hand dyed embroidery threads in silk and Blue-faced Leicester and Silk and some gorgeous handcrafted items from other indie makers who we love to support as well.

We really appreciate the support of each and every person who buys our yarn and products. Every skein of our hand dyed yarn is a piece of art and has a little piece of our heart and soul in it.

Please join us on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram where you can find us under the Naturalfibrearts name or click through on the links above or our social media icons on our homepage.

And finally we LOVE to see what you are making with our yarns, so share them using the hashtag #naturalfibrearts or #nfayarn so they show up on our social media feeds when we are scrolling.

Cheryl x