Stash Reward Points

We love our fibre friends and community and appreciate every little purchase you make from our small family run business, which is why we want to give back. One of the ways we can do this is through loyalty rewards points which in turn will help you to enhance your yarn and fibre stash.

Earning Stash Points

First you will need to join our Natural Fibre Arts community by clicking on the little  handbag icon at the bottom right of your screen.



A window will pop up saying 'Welcome to Stash Points' and you will be given the option to 'become a member' or to 'sign in' to your account.




When you are signed into your account you automatically get 2 stash points for every $1 spent in our store, for example, when you spend $50 you will receive 100 stash enhancement points into your account. You will have already received 100 points just for signing up to the rewards program to kick start your rewards.

To help build up that balance at the beginning you can also,  Follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook which will earn you another 100 stash enhancement points for each action.

By now you should already have 300 points in your account, but there are more ways to keep earning points.

When it's time to celebrate your birthday every year you automatically get 300 points as a gift just from us.

We also have a referral program so when you refer a friend to our website and they place an order, they will receive 10% off the total of their order and you will receive 200 stash enhancement points. You can see how quickly and easily the points can add up to give you great discounts on our online products.

Redeeming Stash Points

Once you have started gathering points you can redeem them for a code to add to your shopping cart at checkout and get a discount on your purchase. This applies to all products in our store. This is just one way we love to say thank you to our customers for your support.



100 stash points = $1


To redeem your points first sign in to your account, click on the little green handbag icon at the bottom right of the screen and you will see how many Stash Points you have accumulated (see picture above) and it will tell you what rewards you have available.


Choose the reward you would like to redeem and you will be given a code to copy and paste.


It really is that simple.