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Skein Winding

Skein Winding

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We offer a skein winding service so you can begin your project as soon as your yarn arrives.

To have your skeins wound just add this to your shopping cart and we will wind your skein of yarn into a centre pull cake ready to use.

The listing price is per skein, so please add as many as you would like wound off.

If you buy more than one skein you might choose to only have the first one wound (***See information below). You can leave a message in the shopping cart notes area as to which skein you would like wound if you are purchasing multiple colourways or bases.

If you would like all your yarn wound into a cake then please add as many of this service as you need.

*** Please note: It is not recommended to have skeins wound into cakes and put into storage for any length of time. The school of though goes that the yarn is stretched when in a cake and when knit into fabric the gauge will be slightly stretched as well. Then when you wash and block the garment the yarn will bounce back to it's original form changing the gauge from yarn that has been caked for an extended length of time.