What's New in 2020

What's New in 2020

We have some exciting new changes coming in the new year.

Since 2008 we have enjoyed bringing you beautiful colourways on a large range of yarn bases but, moving forward into 2021 we will be making some to how we will be offering our yarn and colourways. You may have already noticed some small changes as we prepare for next year. For example, once a colourway is out of stock it will be removed from the website so only current, up-to-date stock will be on there.

We want to bring the 'Indie' part back to indie dyeing, the artistic flare and spontaneous creativity that we had when we first started. So often, when we go into the studio to dye yarn, it is repeat colourways to restock our online shop, custom orders or wholesale for local yarn shops and it begins to feel like a factory production line. Don't get me wrong, we love our customers and local yarn shop retailers and will continue those colourways that they love, but when we go into the studio at other times we just want to let our creativity shine through and offer you new and exciting colourways on a regular basis.

After much soul searching and pondering ideas of how we can bring you new and exciting yarns and be inspired to hit those dye pots every day, we have decided to make a few changes. We love to create brand new dyeing techniques and as you already know we work with the Greener Shades dyes which only have 9 colours so we mix all our own colours, tones and shades. (Disclaimer; We do use another brand of dyes for some of the speckles on our yarn).

We also know how much you love new colourways, so in 2021 that is what we will be bringing you. We are calling it our 'Come and Go' Colourways. We are so excited by this idea and it sparks that joy of creativity in us and lets us revel in our love of colour and dyeing! Now when we go down to the dye studio we are producing our form of artwork. We will also be dyeing larger batches so there is more on offer of each new colourway, but once it is sold out it is likely gone forever or will only be repeated a couple of times. Keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook for updates.

We feel this will keep us fresh both in what we can offer our customers to create gorgeous new things, and also within ourselves as we let our imaginations run wild with creativity and colour. I have already been playing in the pots and some of the new colourways coming out are different and beautiful and I'm excited. I have tried a new technique and think it's a winner.

Our old colourways will eventually fade out (except for our local yarn shops who will still carry the range they love) and be constantly replaced by new fresh colours. This doesn't apply to the colour range on our Merino Silk Yak base. Those will be staying but we will be adding fresh colourways there as well.

We will be doing seasonal colours at each change of season, 'Birthday' colours, 'Makers Clubs' (with new yarn bases and other makers items) and we are bringing back our 'Collections Series'. You may remember this year we offered birds and coral inspired collections. For next year we already have our 'Frogs' inspired colourways underway and there may even be some 'Tadpoles' (aka mini skeins) as well. Other collections in the planning are Beautiful Bugs, Under The Sea, Nana's Garden and others.

We are also bringing on a new dyer into the Natural Fibre Arts team. My recent trip to Western Australia was part holiday and part training my sister Sandra to come on board with us. Sandra has a long history of crafting. She is so talented with her woodwork, which you will see lots more of in the future, jewelry making and a wiz with creative colour (she's also a great cook!).

Sandra took to dyeing instantly and her excitement to get started is hard to suppress! She accidentally created a gorgeous fade in her beginning lessons and has amazing ideas for her future colourways. Sandra will be dyeing some of our Collections and a Birthday colourway and also contributing so some of our Seasonal Colours.


We hope you will love the ever changing palette of colours throughout 2021.


With love


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