Collection: John Arbon Textiles

A collection of the beautiful yarns and fibres milled at John Arbon Textiles mill in Devon, UK.

John Arbon mill is a locally run, family owned mill in the north of Devon in the UK.

The Mill was founded in 2001 yet is strongly focused on tradition. John Arbon Textiles is based on a very simple concept: a return to old-style textile manufacture by sustainably sourcing raw fibre locally, wherever possible, and converting it in the UK into high quality spinning tops and yarns.

All their milling machines have been painstakingly collected and lovingly restored – many have been rescued from old, traditional mills as they closed down. The machines take a lot of time and care to look after (each named, to reflect their quirks, as they become part of the mill folk family) – tinkering with gears, belts, oil levels or adjusting cogs. Keeping them going is a labour of love, but the mill folk at John Arbon reckon that the resulting woolly treats are well worth it and so do we!

You can read more about the John Arbon story here.