Our SRS Australian Merino Yarn

Our SRS Australian Merino Yarn

We are proud to carry the beautiful Soft Rolled Skin (SRS) Australian Merino yarn in our store.

This yarn is literally sheep to skein, grown and processed in Australia and spun in NZ. It is a non superwash yarn so no harsh chemicals have been used in the processing, yet it is still so soft to the skin. The wool staple is allowed to grow to 10cm rather than the usual 6 cm which gives the spun yarn more strength and lustre with less pilling and felting, and did we mention soft.

The sheep do not need to be mulesed as they are bred with less rolls in their skin and are less prone to disease and fly strike.



Kirchelly Textiles is a family-owned business based on Central Coast, New South Wales, Australia.

Kirchelly Textiles is committed to ethical and sustainable practices for producing our woollen products. We like to call our little process “Sheep to Skein”.

We have 2,000 head of SRS-Merino under management by Mt. Bodangora Merino Farm in Wellington, NSW that we have negotiated direct contracts with. Mt. Bodangora specialises in SRS-Merino (Soft Rolled Skin), which has been specifically developed to not require mulesing to prevent fly blow. This has the benefit of being cruelty free to the animals, something my wife and I as animal lovers are passionate about.

Our fleeces are processed in NZ at Design Spun Mills due to no mills in Australia being able to work with the volume and type of Merino we are processing. The waste from our scouring and combing is turned into fertilising pellets used for sustainable farming.

We do not Super Wash our wool, although the milling process and the use of the long hair SRS Merino makes it feel just like it is.

We then process the raw yarn at out dye studio at Wyong in NSW where we wholesale the base to other dyers, as well as dye for wholesale. We love what we produce and love that others are catching on that you can produce ethically sources, cruelty free wool products right here in Australia.

Kirchelly Textiles was started in 2023 by Jarrad & Aleashia Kircher who endeavour to produce a top quality, ethically produced yarn products to support the yarn industry. 

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