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Harvest Hues Spinning Fibre

Harvest Hues Spinning Fibre

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Brand new in stock and just amazing!

We are so excited to be able to bring the gorgeous John Arbon Harvest Hues spinning fibre to Australia. It is a beautiful soft fibre with the most amazing depth of colour.


65% Merino / 35% Zwartbles
Soft Handle
24 Micron
Low-Medium Lustre

100 grams of spinning fibre.

Harvest Hues Tops are a blend of local Devon farmed Zwartbles with organically farmed Falklands Merino. The Zwartbles sheep is naturally dark brown and when blended with our pre-dyed Merino colours transforms into deep, mottled shades reminiscent of Exmoor where we live. When preparing these tops we comb the fibres in one direction, accentuating a blend’s softness, shine and strength. The elegant Merino and bouncy Zwartbles complement each other perfectly, giving the tops and yarn a delicate woolly halo and full-bodied texture.