The Merino Silk Yak Yarn Story

The Merino Silk Yak Yarn Story

One of our very favourite yarns (and one of our most popular sellers) is our Merino Silk Yak yarns. We regularly stock two different weights, DK (8 ply) and Fingering weight (4 ply) and occasionally a Merino Yak Nylon sock yarn.

The yarn base is a natural medium grey colour which is from the Yak wool. It is soft and luscious to work with and to wear. Yak fibre is a very short staple, in fact it is often referred to as Yak Down and is comparable to Cashmere. The Yak in the yarn we buy comes from Tibet and Mongolia where the Yak are free to roam their natural pasture lands which is untouched and rich in natural substances. This Yak produces a much higher quality than those in China, Nepal and other parts of the world.

Although the Merino in this yarn is a Superwash Merino, the yarn itself is a non superwash yarn, due to the short Yak fibres, and must be hand washed for best care.

The Mill we source this yarn from is very eco conscious and open about where they source all their yarns from.

A message from the Mill

"We work really hard with our suppliers to make sure the fibres are sourced from the best possible places, where animals and workers are treated well, this is really important for us. Please always feel free to email us for information on fibres, Jeni is very happy to explain processes, or give you a balanced view on something if you are not sure about what to choose".

"Our Superwash Merino comes from South America and is superwash treated in Europe to the highest Oeko-Tex standard, please see the section on superwash below for more information. As a standard we use 21.5 Micron".

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