What Makes a Fibre Artist

What Makes a Fibre Artist

At Natural Fibre Arts we call ourselves 'Fibre Artists' because first and foremost we are artists. By my description an artist is someone who expresses their innermost thoughts, feelings and dreams outwardly using a medium of one type or another.  At Natural Fibre Arts our medium just happens to be dyes applied to wool, hair, cotton and other fibres.....voila......fibre artist!

I also create with fibres using the form of knitting, spinning and crochet and hopefully soon to be weaving as well but more on that in another post.

Our dyeing process is always evolving and as a true artist I hate to be repetitive in what I do so I'm always exploring new ways of dyeing, new effects that can be created and new colourways to express my love of colour.

I've always loved colour and when someone asks me what is my favourite colour I can never tell them as it changes from season to season, mood to mood. When I was a little girl and people asked me defining questions like this I always thought there must be something wrong with me because I couldn't tell them just one colour or number or item that I loved best. Now I know that it is the creator, the artist, in me and I embrace that.


Today I want to introduce you to Vanessa another indie fibre artist here at Natural Fibre Arts. Vanessa is my eldest daughter and the mother to my two gorgeous grandchildren. Ness is a natural artist. She has always being creative as a child and has a love of colour and a natural flare for creating and it followed that when our studio grew to be greater than I could handle then she would step in and help. She is a dye artist in her own right and many of the yarn colourways in store are totally her creation. She amazes me with her inspiring ideas and creativity.

Slowly she is also becoming a knitter as you can't help but be drawn in when you are surrounded by gorgeous yarns day and night. And that is just as it should be ;)



We have just had a shop update with heaps of our popular faux fur pom poms, and I mean lots!!

We carry 8cm, 9cm and 10cm pom poms in a range of colours. There are solid colours with an even length nape in white, cream, black, grey and more, and then we have ones with short and long nape like our grey with black tips or cream with brown tips, white with long wispy white tips. Why not take a browse through the product page linked below.

These faux fur pom poms are fantastic for adding flare to hats, the ends of cords on knitted or crochet items like ponchos or i-cords and our customers create amazing things with them, and no furry little critters had to die in order for these to be available.

Check them out in our Accessories Section in the shop. 

Some customer reviews on our pom poms:

Sarah.P "I've finally used one of the poms I've purchased and I'm so in love with them. Customer service was outstanding and I will definitely be buying more Poms from this shop :)"

San M "Beautiful and fluffy. Fast shipping even to the USA"

Meriel. S "Love this so much, so fluffy"

Surabyac "The Pom Poms arrived just as pictured, were shipped promptly and my queries were addressed immediately by Cheryl - excellent customer service!"

Jessica. B "So soft and sturdy. It will be hard to choose which beanie will be honoured with this."

Until next time

Happy creating!


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