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Yarn Tasting July - White Gum Wool

It has been quite awhile since we've had a yarn tasting but I'm excited to write about another of our wonderful Aussie Farmers who grow the wool and produce either here in Australia or in the mills in our closest neighbours across the ditch, New Zealand.

Introducing White Gum Wool

Many of you will already know Nan and may have even already tried this gorgeous yarn but we felt it would be a wonderful yarn to feature in our Aussie Farmers specials as we love the practices and ethics of this Tasmanian farmer.

White gum wool is grown on sheep that have never been mulesed or had their tails docked. They are never sold off the farm and live long and healthily for the length of their natural life, right there on the farm in the Tasmanian highlands.




The farm is pretty much a one woman show with Nan being the owner, shepherdess and all rounder with the occasional help from a friend. Nan learnt much of her vast knowledge of the practices she now keeps, from an old stockman, Davey, pictured right with Nan in 2013, who came out of retirement to help and teach Nan the ropes.



Of course Nan has a few 'other friends' to help out too.












An excerpt from the White Gum Wool website.

"White Gum Wool sheep are raised on a single farm, in the high midlands of Tasmania. They graze in mostly native pastures where they can find the plants they need to keep healthy.

Mamas teach their babies how to forage in this landscape, hanging out in family groups of grandmas, mamas and lambkins.  Sheep are highly social animals, and keeping families together means the sheep are just plain happier.

The abundant, diverse landscapes are healthy, too—they are real ecosystems doing what ecosystems do best—turning sunlight and water into energy through a squillion different animal and plant pathways.  No herbicides, fertilisers, pesticides or fungicides are used in growing White Gum Wool.

White Gum Wool is made into yarn by Design Spun in New Zealand, having first been scoured by Canterbury Wool Scourers. NewMerino ® Chain of Custody certifies the sustainability and traceability of the yarn.

So, when you buy White Gum Wool, you are making a choice that honours the landscape, animals and people who make it possible."


You can find out more about their ethical farming practices here on their website. The story is just so lovely to read.

We have three colourways available in their fingering weight non superwash yarn that you can find here. There are limited numbers of both 100 gram and 200 gram skeins already wound into a cake for you.

The left colourway is a beautiful purple and dark grey with highlights of pink, lavender and green. The middle one is a soft pastel mint green with pastel pink and green blended throughout and the colourway on the right is a pink tonal blend.

As usual, with our yarn tasting, once sold out they are gone forever.

Happy fibre crafting



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