Yarn Tasting September - Bellevue Park Saxon Merino

Yarn Tasting September - Bellevue Park Saxon Merino


It has been a few months since we hosted a new Australian yarn tasting but I'm excited to write about another of our wonderful Aussie Farmers.

In our yarn tasting segments we feature Australian farmers who grow their wool here and have it totally produced either in Australia or New Zealand.

Introducing Bellevue Park Saxon Merino

I can honestly say, if you are looking for a yarn that is buttery soft and delicious, non superwash, eco friendly and sustainable then I would highly recommend Bellevue Park wool. We were delighted to receive our order of bare yarn and feel how lovely this yarn is for a non superwash fibre and Jim Fletcher was a delight to deal with.

The Fletcher family came to the Rocky Plains area in the Snowy Mountains in 1862. In the year 1919, Bellevue was purchased and settled. Four generations later, and after years of perfecting the breed, Bellevue has become a farm producing the finest Saxon Merino Wool.

With a focus on tradition and keeping things local, on natural not industrial, the quality of the product is of a very high standard. It is with this in mind that Bill has specialised in producing superfine and ultra fine sheep since 1980. It has taken the last 35 years to reach the quality that they have today.

Coming from the highest quality sheep, Bellevue Park’s wool is grown for its warmth, lustrous yet gentle feel, minimal irritation and maximum comfort. A pure wool product, the elasticity of the fibre gives the final article more give, more drape and the lasting ability to retain its shape.

16.8 micron fleece


Bellevue Park aims to produce the highest quality, well-nourished wool in the most sustainable and ethical manner possible.

Breeding beautiful Saxon Merino sheep, a breed with over 300 years in history, Bellevue Park produces superfine and ultra fine fleece, with a micron of 16.8 and lower.


Saxons are a robust sheep with a natural resistance to pests and diseases, and a high level of lanolin in the wool, which helps to repel dust and dirt. This means that the farm is able to produce more kilograms of better quality fleece per head of sheep, which reduces the number of stock per acre, and therefore the lasting impact on the land.

Merino Sheep





Bellevue Park has a ten year plan to become a completely clean and green farm, where wool is grown, processed and sold only from the farm, the energy is renewable, and the jobs are kept in the community.








We have four colourways available in the gorgeous buttery soft 8 ply (DK weight) non superwash yarn that you can find in our webstore. Just click on the photo below to shop. This is absolutely one of the nicest DK weight yarns I have felt, particularly for a non superwash yarn.




As usual, with our yarn tasting, once sold out they are gone forever (although to be honest we are thinking that this yarn base might make it to the shop permanently as our go to non superwash DK weight.

If you are making a larger garment please alternate skeins to avoid pooling of speckles and colour splashes.

Happy fibre crafting everyone!




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