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Calico Pure Silk Yarn

Calico Pure Silk Yarn

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Eco friendly and cruelty free silk yarn.

'Pure Silk' is a soft yarn of pure bourette Mulberry silk or raw silk. It is produced from silk fibers collected after the chrysalises mature into moths and break free from their silk cocoons which means that no silk worms or moths are harmed in the process of harvesting the silk.

The raw silk has a similar feel and wear to cotton with a matt finish not shiny or slippery like other silks.

Pure Silk is perfect for garments worn all year round as it has extensive heat-regulating qualities and is especially suitable for a place in your Summer wardrobe. Silk can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture while still feeling dry against your skin, and at the same time has insulating properties, retaining heat in colder weather.

4 Ply

100% - Mulberry Silk Noil
100 gram skein = 400m

Care - Handwash only We recommend that all our hand dyed yarns are hand washed in cool or tepid water and dried flat for best care.

Small batch dyed in Brisbane, Australia. We try to represent colourways as accurately as possible in our product photos. Colours may vary slightly from skein to skein, even within the same dyelot, which is the nature of hand-dyeing.  Please ensure you buy enough to finish your project as future dyelots may have subtle differences. We also recommend that you alternate between skeins every few rows on larger projects.